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Why Live In Bakersfield?

June 24,2019 | Posted By Fred Herrman in Bakersfield
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If you’re a first-time home buyer or well-seasoned real estate investor, Bakersfield provides a bounty of cost-effective opportunities as well as benefits that exceed those of city life in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Read on to learn more about how Bakersfield is becoming one of the hottest markets and most sought-after places to live in California!

Since 2006, Fred Herrman has dedicated his career to the Los Angeles real estate market. Living up to his business mantra, “Helping you move to a better place,” Fred Herrman works closely with clients to secure their dream homes in new neighborhoods and cities--taking budget, employment opportunities, crime rate, and a host of other factors into account.

With a keen understanding of a variety of local markets and the real estate process at large, Fred Herrman takes a special interest in helping Los Angeles residents make a seamless transition to their new homes in Bakersfield, a surprisingly equitable and desirable market for Southern California home buyers.

To the dismay of many newcomers, Bakersfield provides a long list of advantages and comforts that city dwellers miss out on. Defying reputation and expectations, Bakersfield is truly a delightful place to live--and the home prices just can’t be beat. Find out why you should take the leap and make a splash in the Bakersfield real estate market!

The More You Know About Bakersfield...

Nestled in the San Joaquin Valley between San Francisco and Los Angeles, California’s two largest metropolitan cities, Bakersfield ranks #1 in the oil and agricultural industries--thus contributing to a steady, growing job market for long-time residents and newcomers.

Besides its bounty of job opportunities and affordable housing prices, Bakersfield’s location within the famously fertile San Joaquin Valley makes the city a hub for fresh and locally sourced produce. When you choose to move to Bakersfield, California, you can expect a lower cost of living paired with higher quality food--and life.

With a median home price calculated at $226,908 and the median monthly rent at $933, Bakersfield provides a plethora of cost-effective housing, which makes it the perfect place for families and Millennials trying to improve their equity and build a solid foundation for their financial future.

In addition to these long-term benefits for young professionals and budding families, Bakersfield also proves to be a wonderful alternative to city life with its close proximity to the Great Outdoors. With nearly 60 parks and hundreds of miles of bike baths, Bakersfield presents residents countless opportunities to get outside and experience the beautiful, surrounding terrain. The city is also just a short drive away to the Sierra Nevada Mountains as well as the Los Padres National Forest.

Bakersfield Vs. Los Angeles

Are you a current Los Angeles resident looking for a more affordable place to live that still possesses all the benefits of a metro area? You’re not alone! Bakersfield is becoming one of the most viable options for young professionals and first-time home buyers--with 28 percent of Millennials already living in this city, and 67 percent planning to move here. Furthermore, a whopping 15 percent of Millennials can afford to buy homes in Bakersfield compared to the 4 percent national average.

Investing In Bakersfield Real Estate

Not only do homes cost three times less than your average, run-of-the-mill Los Angeles property, but Bakersfield residents also incur less living expenses than city dwellers (i.e. transportation, utilities, food, etc.). Investing in Bakersfield real estate means saving precious time and money in the long-run!

On top of more affordable housing prices and reduced living expenses, Bakersfield also presents the opportunity for shorter travel times to work with an average commute time clocking in at 23.4 minutes. Less time on the road means more time to de-stress after a long day and enjoy time with friends and family.

Lower Cost Of Living + Higher Quality Of Life

By now, the benefits of moving and making the transition to Bakersfield ought to be a no-brainer. Due to the lower home prices and living expenses as well as shorter commute times, a large percentage of L.A. County’s workforce already opts to live in this region.

When it comes to local career opportunities and job placement, Bakersfield is on the upward trajectory. When you choose to move to Bakersfield from Los Angeles, keep in mind that the employment rate is growing at a higher percentage than the national average. The city accommodates a wide variety of industries with plenty of opportunities for working professionals to explore and grow their own personal careers.

#1 Bakersfield Employers:

  • » Kern County
  • » Grimmway Farms
  • » Bolthouse Farms
  • » Bakersfield Memorial Hospital
  • » Mercy Hospitals of Bakersfield
  • » Kern Medical Center
  • » State Farm Insurance
  • » Sun World
  • » Chevron
  • » Clinica Sierra Vista
  • » Andrews Ag
  • » Paramount Farms
  • » Aera Energy
  • » Kaiser Permanente


For home buyers who want to spend less money and invest in their futures--all while enjoying more free time--Bakersfield is the perfect haven from the ceaseless hustle and bustle of Los Angeles.

Trade In Metropolitan For Mom-And-Pop Charm

When deciding to make the move to Bakersfield from Los Angeles or any other surrounding Southern California region, you don’t have to sacrifice the beauty of diversity in a major metropolitan area. In fact, Bakersfield is a very multicultural city--just on a smaller scale. Bakersfield proudly accommodates a wide variety of ethnic groups, international foods and goods, as well as small, family-run mom-and-pop eateries. With a metro population of 878,744, Bakersfield is a sizable cultural melting pot best known for its well-established Basque community, which is comprised of multigenerational immigrants from the Pyrenees region of France and Spain who originally moved to the San Joaquin Valley in search of gold.

Bustling Bakersfield

If you’re a resident or native to Los Angeles and its surrounding areas, you’re most likely used to the expansive list of exciting events and attractions this urban area has to offer. You might be wondering what there is to do in a smaller city such as Bakersfield. However, to new residents, this Kern County city is not nearly as sleepy as they originally thought. On top of a regular calendar of events, Bakersfield is also home to a wide variety of parks, recreation, and family fun!

Things To Do In Bakersfield, CA:

  • » Kern County Museum
  • » California Area Living Museum
  • » Crystal Palace and Museum
  • » Kern River Parkway Trail
  • » Peacocks at Hart Park
  • » The Park at River Walk
  • » Fox Theatre
  • » Buena Vista Museum of Natural History
  • » Kern County Raceway Park
  • » Bakersfield Museum of Art
  • » Kern River Parkway Trail
  • » McMurtry Aquatic Center

Top-Notch Parks:

  • » The Park at River Walk
  • » Kern River Parkway
  • » Central Park at Mill Creek
  • » Beach Park
  • » Emerald Cover Park
  • » Centennial Park
  • » Hart Memorial Park
  • » Kroll Park
  • » Riverlakes Community Park
  • » Polo Community Park
  • » Silver Creek Park
  • » Jasto Park
  • » Madison Grover Park
  • » Fruitvale Norris Park
  • » Panorama Park
  • » Yokuts Parks
  • » Pin Oak Park


Do you have any additional questions about the Bakersfield real estate market or the transition of moving from Los Angeles to Bakersfield? With expertise in Los Angeles real estate and experience with the Bakersfield market in particular since 1996, Fred Herrman is your go-to guide for moving to Bakersfield. For any queries, or to get started on the search for your Bakersfield dream home, contact the Fred Herrman office directly at (310) 343-3219.


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